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Introducing Men's Pre-Fall 2024

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Square Platter

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100% food grade stainless steel platter by Ananas Ananas. From the 'Dos Puntos' collection that aims to start a category in tableware that does not exist. Connecting the historic with the futuristic.

Dos Puntos is a collection of metalware that promotes experimental dining in order to provoke intentionality around the way we eat, without creating a barrier between the people who are using it and the food being served. The pieces suggest the importance of shifting one’s focus to slow down time at the table, to be present and to create community. Until now tableware has traditionally been in similar shapes and forms across most cultures. With the introduction of these experimental pieces we aim to awaken a part of the mind that has not yet been exercised. Both sculptural and functional the designs imply that post use, the objects will live displayed out in the open rather than tucked away.