Justice & Equality


It is not enough simply to say it - we must act. We are heartbroken and outraged. We recognize that with our platform and privilege we have a responsibility to take a stand and advocate for change - and Jonathan Simkhai stands in solidarity with all those fighting to end racial injustice. 

The devastating events of recent have continued to magnify the systemic and perpetual racism in our country. The overwhelming injustice directed at the Black community now and throughout our nation’s history needs to be addressed, called out and corrected. 

We need to amplify the messages of our community in pain. We must take action, donate, educate, listen, and commit to change.

We take ownership in our responsibility to educate ourselves and to listen; and to protect and improve the lives of our Black community, team members, customers, clients, and industry partners. We are grateful for this dynamic, diverse and heart filled community.

We believe that as a society we must constantly strive for equality for all, which takes tangible action, support, and self improvement.

From June 1st - June 7th, 20% of all proceeds from JonathanSimkhai.com were donated to support the important work of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Black Lives Matter, and all digital marketing was paused, in show of solidarity for #BlackoutTuesday week and in an effort to help magnify and amplify black voices and creators within our space. We are also continuing to compile resources for our employees and customers, highlighting the ways we can all activate both locally and globally, by supporting organizations with donations, volunteer hours and continued self-education. 

We know it doesn’t stop there. We also pledge our commitment to cultivating and growing talent within our organization from diverse backgrounds. We commit to actively commissioning work from Black models and creatives, while also raising the voices of a new generation of black activists, ensuring our brand is one of constant diversity. We commit to using our platform as a voice to advocate for needed change, providing resources for people to educate and activate. And day in and day out, we believe in simply treating everyone with the respect and care they deserve, regardless of skin tone or gender. 

Together, let’s use our collective energy, our voices and our resources to be a community of fighters and allies; to be actively anti-racist and to help end police brutality and racial inequality. 



We urge you to join us in signing the petitions for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and David McAtee

To further educate yourself and those around you about the growing movements across the country fighting for freedom, justice, and equality we suggest visiting and supporting the following resources:

Black Lives MatterOpens a new window

Minnesota Freedom FundOpens a new window

NAACP Legal Defense and Education FundOpens a new window

American Civil Liberties UnionOpens a new window

Action Network Community Bail Fund Opens a new window

Black Voters Matter FundOpens a new window

Campaign ZeroOpens a new window