Simkhai Muse: Nausheen Shah

The word effortless is often overused, but when it comes to describing New York-based stylist Nausheen Shah, no other remark will do. Intuitively pulling together looks for her Grecian adventure with Jonathan, Shah’s acute styling is evident, layering a silk robe over a cascading dress and bringing together pieces in the way only an expert can. ‘Generally, I like to keep it easy and clean, but I do tend to reflect wherever I am visiting. For places such as Italy, Morocco and Greece, my style drifts towards old silver screen glam with elements of oversized sunglasses, vibrant caftans/robes, head-wraps, bold earrings, polka-dots, and slick hair. Never all at once, of course. However, in places like Portugal, Bali, Ibiza and Mexico, I lean towards a more un-manicured, 70s Boho style with muted-colored linen/gauze pieces, salty beach hair, bleached denim, and worn white t-shirts.’

Despite the wave of trends in her wake, Shah doesn’t feel pressure when styling herself or her clients. ‘Comfort and simplicity are always key. Don’t try too hard, know what suits your body type, and keep it sleek. Don’t over-accessorize - take a note from Coco Chanel.


How do you help your clients find their signature style and what do you love most about being a stylist?
We are our worst critics and tend to let our insecurities and trends drive our style.  I enjoy working with clients to find what boosts their confidence and highlights their figure while staying ahead of trends. I love seeing the final product come to fruition and collaborating with other artists (designers, photographers, art directors, hair and make-up artists, etc.) - they all inspire me.


Where do you look for inspiration while abroad? How does it influence your personal style?
I love to watch the locals of each city… how they dress, their mannerisms.  It’s natural, there is no agenda, no photos; it is the purest form of beauty & style. Traveling is a constant reminder to let my style lead with my attitude. Therefore my clothing serves as a simple frame for my personality.

What’s the best thing about traveling with Jonathan?
He never stops smiling.


What are some must-sees in Greece?
It all depends on your preference - while the islands are the main attraction, I find Athens is widely underestimated. In addition to the Acropolis, the nightlife and beaches are worth staying for a few extra days. Of course, Mykonos and Santorini are the top island hits for non-stop parties, gorgeous sunsets, and postcard views. However, the smaller islands offer more of the local Greek culture such as Milos, Hydra, Paros, Patmos, etc.  I actually love being on a boat at sea and discovering tiny beaches such as Kythnos. We must also highlight the food - it is a culinary dream! I am personally a Saganaki addict.


What are some of your favorite vacation finds?
In Marrakech, I went a bit crazy in the Medina from carpets to tassel tiebacks to babouche (Moroccan slippers). In Capri, I love the simple leather sandals at Capri Palace. In Cartagena, I found my favorite summer woven tote at Casa Chiqui. But of course in Paros, I discovered this beautiful lapis eye bracelet strolling in the streets.


What are your top three pieces for any beach vacation?
1. Statement earrings - they dress up any look for the evening.
2. A full piece swimsuit - perfect for day to night with a skirt or wide leg pant.
3. A long sleeve, oversized white crepe shirt - you can tie it, twist it, roll it into so many looks.