Nikki Reed Wears Custom Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai created a sustainably sourced gown for Nikki Reed to wear to the Green Carpet Fashion Awards with EcoAge in Milan. The gown was made from 100% recycled polyamide yarns. 

"Putting on this beautiful custom dress by the amazing Jonathan Simkhai made head to toe with sustainable lace for last nights Green Carpet Fashion Awards where I had the honor of presenting the sustainability award with this handsome fella. Jonathan I am blown away by your thoughtfulness, creativity and conviction. We sat down just a few months ago to talk about sustainability, how we can all make incremental changes in how we operate on both a personal and business level, and you immediately threw yourself into endless research finding new innovative ways to make fashion safe for our planet. I love your heart and I love your vision. We decided tonight would be the perfect evening to collaborate for the first of many times bringing this beautiful sustainable dress to life and we made it happen! I couldn’t be more proud to wear something from you that was made with so much love, and can’t wait for what’s next my sweet friend." - Nikki Reed

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