Jonathan Simkhai Supports The One Tree Planted Initiative

The past year has presented a slew of alarming climate change evidence. From melting ice shelfs and rising sea levels to soaring temperatures and droughts, it is no longer possible to ignore the impact of global warming. In California alone, we've seen yet another harrowing wildfire season, and have witnessed an administration walking back many legal protections for our environment. 

While steering our planet back from the brink is inarguably an urgent and crucial task, coercing global political and corporate cooperation towards an unanimous goal can feel daunting. Which is why every step counts, and it is upon each of us to do our part and to ask more of our peers and representatives. 
As a company, we are working on expanding our sustainability initiatives, but until we can implement all of them, we have decided to support the organization One Tree Planted. This Tuesday, December 1st, in honor of Giving Tuesday, we will plant a tree for every item purchased on our site, including those items on sale. These donations will be contributed to planting operations in our local community of California, but of course, reforestation also benefits the global climate as a whole. 

These are the a few of the most vital benefits of trees: 

Air Filtration - not only do trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they also absorb pollutant gases like carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen oxide as well as dust and smoke. Removing all of these harmful gases from the atmosphere helps to keep rising temperatures at bay. 

Water Absorption - trees intercept rainwater, preventing flooding and landslides while also filtering out water soluble pollutants. 

Jobs - sustainable farming practices from planting trees to harvesting their fruits and nuts to logging, building with wood and researching forests, the employment opportunities afforded by trees and forests are bountiful. 

BIodiversity - from their canopies to their roots, trees provide shelter and sustenance for plants, animals and insects. A single tree can be home to over 100 species. 

Here is a breakdown of how each dollar is used to generate a tree, with a survival rate of 80-90%. 

For more details, please visit One Tree Planted and watch this space for more green initiatives.